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Studiocamp: Frequently Asked Questions

Opdateret: 2. jul.

This FAQ section aims to answer the most common questions about Studiocamp, our features, and how you can get the most out of our platform. Dive in to find out more about what we offer, how you can join, and the exciting future developments we have planned.


  • What is it? An interactive learning platform for mastering Ableton Live through step-by-step exercises with real-time feedback. Like Duolingo adapted for music production.

  • Who is it for? Designed for complete-beginners.

  • What makes it different? Spend you time in your DAW, not watching somebody else doing it. Studiocamp Offers interactive, hands-on learning with immediate feedback, rather than passive watching as found in video tutorials.

  • Free? First level is free, then it's $4.99 (one-time fee) to unlock the full beginner course.

What do I need to get started?

Other than a computer, nothing really.

Studiocamp helps you install Ableton Live for free and connect it so you can start your interactive learning journey.

Ableton Live support

Studiocamp is compatible with Ableton Live 12 Free Trial and Suite. Exploring support for Live 10 and 11.

  • Will Studiocamp help me install Ableton Live? Yes 💁‍♂️

  • Why just Ableton Live 12? The free trial is accessible for beginners. We’re exploring backwards compatibility to Live 10 and 11

  • Why not Lite, Intro, Standard? As there is no free trial available for these currently. May consider adding support in the future.

  • Other DAWs? Considering expansion based on demand.

OS support

Learning content

  • Topics covered? Adding more content on the go ...

    • Clips

    • Drums

    • Melodies

    • Wavetable

    • Track Reverb & Volume

    • Creating a full melodic techno song.

  • Advanced content coming? Yes, we plan to add more advanced exercises based on user feedback.

Feedback / Issues

Share your issue and thoughts here


We're always looking to increase our community of users/experts willing to help us improve Studiocamp - through beta testing and other sessions. Send a mail to and remember to include if your on macOS or Windows.


  • Useful in classroom? It's developed for individual use, and doesn't support tracking of students, but yes, give it a try. Share your thoughts on how we can improve it.

  • Privacy/security? The app checks only project configuration. Nothing else. It captures no personal data whatsoever.

  • Can experienced users benefit? Currently designed for complete-beginners. Planning to introduce advanced content and challenges.

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