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EDM, Hip-Hop, Pop: Best Ableton Live Beginner Tutorials on YouTube

Best Free Ableton Live Beginner Tutorials" - A banner image showcasing tutorials for Pop, EDM, and Hip-Hop genres. Featuring screenshots of popular tutorial videos: "How to Produce Blinding Lights by The Weeknd," "Melodic Techno Start to Finish," and a Hip-Hop tutorial with Kanye West. The background displays Ableton Live's interface

In this post, we'll explore the top Ableton Live beginner tutorials categorized by genre to help you kickstart your music production journey.

As you familiarize yourself with these learning paths and channels, consider trying out Studiocamp to elevate your learning experience through a blend of theory and practice.

Benefits of Watching Ableton Live Tutorials 🎬

Tutorials serve as a visual guide for learners, helping them understand complex processes in a more straightforward manner. The structured lessons and detailed explanations provided by expert YouTubers are invaluable for beginners.

  • Visual and detailed explanations make it easier to understand

  • Learn at your own pace with the ability to pause and rewind

  • Exposure to different techniques and styles from various instructors

Benefits of Following an Interactive Approach 💪

With Studiocamp, the focus is on actively doing. Studiocamp offers an unparalleled immersive experience that transforms passive learning into active practice with immediate feedback, ensuring you understand and apply each concept effectively.

  • Hands-on exercises: Apply what you learn instantly

  • Real-time feedback: Correct mistakes as you make them

  • Build practical skills: Spend more time making music

Solve music challenges in real music production software with instant feedback using Ableton Live beginner tutorial on Studiocamp

Okay, let's break down the best beginner tutorials for Ableton Live.

Best Beginner Ableton Live Tutorials for Learning the Basics

Ethan Davis

Ethan Davis offers a comprehensive and to-the-point introduction tutorial to Ableton Live, perfect for beginners.

His tutorials are concise, short and easy to follow, making complex concepts accessible.

This video covers the essentials of Ableton Live, including navigation, basic functions, and initial setup.

I have been searching for tutorial videos for weeks and this is the first video that has walked me through the program without overwhelming me. Thank you! - YouTube comment on above video


Taetro's playlist is an excellent resource for beginners, offering a series of tutorials that build on each other.

Covering everything from basic beat-making to more advanced techniques, this series is a must-watch for any aspiring producer.

In his tutorial series Taetro uses Ableton Live 11. If you are on Ableton Live 12 you can still follow along.

FINALLY! Someone who not only knows how to present and pace tutorials but is explaining things in such an easy non-patronising way. Also not prefacing everything with high energy, tiresome waffle...Great stuff. - YouTube comment on above video

Bound To Divide

Go from knowing absolutely nothing about Ableton Live 12 to writing your first 3 songs.

Bound to Divide provides an +8 hour practical beginner Ableton Live tutorial, covering basic music production theory, as needed while showing how to create 3 song.

We recommend following along in your own copy of Ableton Live, and try to recreate each step.

He has quickly become one of the most popular tutorial makers, especially within the EDM genres.

By far the best tutorial on YouTube. Thank you very much for taking the time & effort to share this for free. - YouTube comment on above video

Create Full Songs in Ableton Live: Best Beginner Tutorials

Creating full songs from start to finish in Ableton Live is both exciting and rewarding. These beginner-friendly tutorials show how experienced producers build tracks from scratch, providing insights into the software and the creative process.

Pop 👉 Beat Academy

Beat Academy provides a massive 56 Free Song Breakdown Tutorials of famous tracks.

Follow along in Ableton Live as teacher, and grammy Nominated producer, Ill Factor, takes you through the process of recreating sounds and tracks.

The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, Fred Again..., SZA. There is a tutorial for them all.

To every one watching this, recreation is the key to get good at production(in a short time) and not only watching this helps but recreating it yourself and getting stuck and figuring limitations and problems - YouTube comment on above video

EDM 👉 Ableton Tips By PML

Recognise the face from above?

Well, Bound to Divide has collaborated with the guys at PML to create their Free Start To Finish YouTube series 

Follow along in Ableton Live to create 5 professional sounding EDM songs. We promise you it's worth it.

What a gift to be able to see this done from start to finish. Thank you PML for all the great work you guys do!!! - YouTube comment on above video

Also check Bound To Divide 's 10 tracks in 10 days series. A total of 40 tracks.

And when your done there are also his Full Song Live Streams 

Hip-Hop 👉 Fearless Beatz

Fearless provides 45 Free Artist Type Beat YouTube Tutorials like the one below.

Check out tutorials for recreating the sound of Don Toliver, Southside, Migos, Trippie Redd, Gunna, Lil Baby, Travis Scott.

In most of his tutorial Fearless uses non-stock plugins. But we believe you can get to 90% of the sound with just using the built in plugins of Ableton Live.

Nice melody structures bro!! See you have been leveling up your layers!!! Nice!!! - YouTube comment on above video

What type of tutorials do you find most helpful for learning Ableton Live?

  • Start to finish song breakdowns

  • In-depth feature explanations

  • Quick tips and tricks

  • Introduction to Ableton Live


Whether you're a beginner just starting out with Ableton Live or looking to refine your skills, these YouTube tutorials offer a wealth of knowledge and practical guidance. Combine these resources with Studiocamp's hands-on learning approach to accelerate your journey in music production. Explore, practice, and make music your way!

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