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Introducing Studiocamp: Your Personal Music Production Tutor

Learn music production by solving music challenges in Ableton Live with instant feedback

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Follow a guided training path

Unlock skills one exercise at a time.

Solve music exercises with instant feedback.

Start your music production journey with Studiocamp’s guided training path. Master the basics, from setup to playback and clips, with step-by-step interactive lessons tailored for Ableton Live
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Enhance your music production skills with Studiocamp’s structured exercises. Create 2-bar drum patterns, explore melody creation, and unlock new abilities one step at a time with hands-on practice
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Get instant feedback on your music exercises with Studiocamp. Recreate beats, verify your progress, and receive real-time guidance to improve your techniques and confidence in music production
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But do I need to buy Ableton Live to use Studiocamp? No 💁

Video: Watch how Studiocamp works.

This is gold. Clear pathways, and guided  experimentation.

- Dave, Music Instructor

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